Photo by Emma Garofolo

Photo by Emma Garofolo

I am a writer based out of southern California.

I studied history at Chapman University with a minor in English. My undergraduate thesis examined the historical affects of decreased housing availability in South Los Angeles following the 1965 Watts Rebellion. In 2015, I also completed a research fellowship at Chapman in which a team of researchers and I constructed a theoretical family tree of Bantu languages in Namibia.

I write creative nonfiction essays, one of which was published in the Illuminación Writing Program Journal in 2016. In addition to my  prose, I create a wide variety of written content for companies in the gaming industry. Currently, I create web content for ESL, the world's largest esports league, and write marketing copy for Indie Boost, a unique marketing company that caters specifically to independent game makers.

My favorite authors are Augusten Burroughs and Gabriel García Márquez. 

When I'm not writing, I'm outside with my dogs or playing video games. I am also currently collaborating on a podcast that focuses on amplifying marginalized voices in the indie gaming community.